The Classic Tetris® World Championship (CTWC)—organized by avid fans of the 1989 NES version of Tetris—is returning to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo on October 17 & 18, 2015! With sponsorships from The Tetris Company and Tetris licensees, this year’s event is going to feature a perfect balance of Tetris past and present.

The 2015 CTWC will feature the highly-anticipated sixth annual NES tournament and, for the first time, a Tetris Ultimate tournament on PS4. Hitbox will be streaming both competitions live all weekend, which means everyone can watch the masters duke it out—even those who aren’t able to attend the Expo! So don’t fret if you get stuck at home or miss your flight to Portland. Just tune into and watch mind-blowing Tetris gameplay by players from around the world, including returning NES tournament champions Harry Hong (2014) and Jonas Neubauer (2013).

If you do happen to have a ticket to the Expo and you’re game for some fierce competition, you can register to play in one or both tournaments. (Spectators are also welcome and highly likely to go home with some awesome Tetris swag.)

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CTWC schedule:

Saturday, October 17

10a-5:30p: CTWC NES qualifying rounds

10a-2p: Tetris Ultimate qualifying rounds

2p-4:30p: Tetris Ultimate final rounds

4:30p: Tetris Ultimate tournament award presentation

Sunday, October 18

10a-1p: CTWC NES early rounds

2p-4:30p: CTWC NES final rounds

4:30p: CTWC NES award presentation

CTWC announcement

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