The History of Tetris®

2014 | The Big 3-0! 

The world celebrates 30 years of Tetris and the Tetris brand unveils a new theme:

"We All Fit Together"

While it speaks to the simple nature of how the game is played, the theme also emphasizes the common bond Tetris creates among its community of players, regardless of ages, background, or culture. Today, Tetris is no longer just a game—It’s a lifestyle that is experience, celebrated, and enjoyed by hundreds of millions of fans.

2013 | A Twist on Tetris 

The Tetris game is put on permanent display in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), joining other groundbreaking games in the new exhibit on Applied Design. EA introduces Tetris Blitz for Apple and Android devices, and Hasbro adds a modern Tetris twist to two of its most popular games with the release of Jenga® Tetris and Bop It!® Tetris.

2012Keep Counting 

Tetris Battle exceeds one billion games played online each month, and the lifestyle merchandise continues to expand with creative and fun new Tetris products!

2011 | And the Award Goes to… 

Tetris is named PlayStation Network’s #1 game, while the launch of Tetris Axis for Nintendo 3DS initiates the game’s expansion into augmented reality. This year also marks the release of the Tetris board game, Tetris Link, which brings Tetris off of the screen and onto your table! Tetris Link receives several awards, including American Mensa’s “Mensa Select Award,” Toy of the Year Award’s “Game of the Year,” and Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s “Best Game of 2011.”

2010 | A Busy Year 

Without skipping a beat, a new Tetris app for iPad debuts, Tetris Party Deluxe is released for Nintendo Wii and DS, Tetris for PlayStation Network launches to critical acclaim, and a new Tetris line of lifestyle merchandise is introduced worldwide. To top off the year, Tetris surpasses 100 million paid mobile downloads, becoming the best-selling mobile game of all time!

2009 | A Quarter of a Century 

Happy 25th anniversary! Tetris Online unveils the first official web-based Tetris game site, Tetris Friends Online Games. The website is a success, and more good news rolls in as Tetris ranks #2 in the “Top 50 Console Games of All Time,” according to the Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer’s Edition.

2008 | Wii Like to (Tetris) Party 

EA Mobile releases Tetris for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms, while Tetris Online releases Tetris Party for Nintendo Wii. Tetris Party quickly climbs to the #1 spot for WiiWare downloads and nominated for “Best WiiWare Game 2008” and “Best Puzzle Game 2008” by IGN.

2006-07 | Cheers to Alexey!

EA obtains Jamdat and becomes the new exclusive licensee of Tetris for mobile devices. Meanwhile, Nintendo releases Tetris for the DS and sells over two million copies worldwide!  As he watches the global impact of his creation continue to grow, Alexey receives the “First Penguin Award” at the Game Developers Conference, where Tetris is widely recognized as the game that gave birth to the casual game industry.

2000-05 | Tetris On-the-Go

G-mode publishes a mobile Tetris game, boosting it to Japan’s #1 spot in games for mobile phones! To continue the development of Tetris for mobile devices, Henk establishes Blue Lava Wireless, and Tetris rapidly gains momentum in the North American mobile market. Eventually, Jamdat purchases Blue Lava Wireless and obtains an exclusive license to publish Tetris on mobile devices.

1995-97Setting Higher Standards 

Henk establishes Blue Planet Software, Inc. as the exclusive agent for the Tetris brand. Shortly after, The Tetris Company is formed, becoming the source of all licenses to Tetris. Many aspects of the game become standardized and, with the help of artist Roger Dean, a bold and distinctive Tetris logo is created.

1992-93 | 3…2…1…Liftoff!

 A university’s scientific research suggests that practicing Tetris can help the brain operate more efficiently. It’s no wonder why Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr A Serebov decides to take his Nintendo Game Boy and Tetris game cartridge aboard the Soyus TM-17 rocket en route to the MIR Space Station. He spends 197 days working in the station and helps Tetris become the first video game in space!

1989 | A Bundle of Joy

Henk meets Alexey, and the two immediately click and become close friends. When Henk secures the handheld rights to Tetris and licenses the rights to Nintendo, the successful video game company bundles Tetris with its new Game Boy portable gaming console. This perfect pair results in the sales of a whopping 35 million copies!

1987-88 | Going Global

Tetris begins its global expansion by launching on PCs in North America and Europe. The game is showcased at the 1988 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Henk Rogers, video game designer and publisher, comes across it and gives Tetris a try. He’s immediately hooked and thinks there’s something special about the game (he wasn’t wrong!). His company, Bullet-Proof Software, obtains the rights to releases Tetris for PC and NES in Japan, and more than 2 million copies are sold.

1984A Revolutionary Game is Born

While working for the Computing Center at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Alexey Pajitnov envisions an electronic game in which players could arrange puzzle pieces in real time while they fell from the top of the playing field at increasing speeds. Using an Electronika 60 computer, he designs a game that features seven distinctive geometric game pieces, each made up of four squares. Alexey calls the game “Tetris,” a combination of the word “tetra” (Greek word meaning “four”) and “tennis” (his favorite sport). The game is ported to the IBM PC and becomes an immediate hit with his colleagues, spreading like wildfire throughout the Soviet Union.

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