It’s hard to resist a good ol’ lotto scratcher, especially when it’s covered in the familiar Tetris® pieces and the top prize is a hefty $25,000…

When Pollard Banknote and the Texas Lottery teamed up with Tetris to create the $2 Tetris instant ticket, they didn’t take things lightly. More than 9 million tickets were printed, offering over $11.5 million in instant cash prizes. Plus, players who don’t win instantly are able to enter online for a chance to win one of 800 Tetris merchandise prize packages. Who doesn’t love a second chance?

To celebrate a successful launch of the “Don’t Mess with Tetris” tickets, we headed over to the Lone Star State for the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration at Market Square in San Antonio. Texas Lottery hosted a booth that was accompanied by a 20-foot LED wall that donned a fully playable jumbo version of Tetris Blitz, supplied by Electronic Arts.

The Market Square event was definitely one for the books, but don’t worry if you missed out. The Tetris instant tickets are still available at Texas Lottery retailers, so grab a coin and get scratchin’!

Jumbo Tetris Blitz

Jumbo Tetris Blitz at Market Square in San Antonio, Texas

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