Tetris® has appeared on nearly every gaming platform in the past three decades, from consoles and mobile phones to PCs, TVs, and more. So…why stop there?

The Tetris MicroCard is the ultra-portable handheld device that delivers the world famous Tetris game in a size so compact that it fits inside your wallet. You can carry it with you anywhere, alleviating the pain in those moments when you have the urge to play Tetris, but you’re not by your laptop or favorite game console. The Tetris MicroCard brings you the familiar and captivating gameplay in a discreet and convenient size—without any notifications and other distractions you would encounter on other devices. It’s just pure Tetris!

Tetris MicroCard GIF

The creator of Arduboy (the credit-card-sized game system introduced in a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year) customized the Tetris MicroCard to optimize the Tetris experience. With a portrait layout OLED display, durable construction, and a six-hour battery life (USB rechargeable), it’s the perfect way to play one of the world’s most addicting games wherever you are, whenever you want.

Visit the Arduboy website for more details about the one-of-a-kind Tetris MicroCard!

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