While most of us are no strangers to credit cards, we do still make a habit of carrying cash with us wherever we go. Needless to say, paper money is a pretty important part of our lives. But how much do you really know about the money in your wallet? More importantly, would you be able to spot a counterfeit if you were handed one?

The details and carefully constructed features of paper money often go unnoticed, so the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to do something about that. To help raise awareness of the security features on the new €20 banknote, the ECB incorporated Tetris® into the upcoming release of the new Europa series of euro banknotes.

Tetris® New €20 is a game that lets you discover the new banknote features as you play Tetris. Each level highlights one security feature, and the more lines you clear, the more visible the feature becomes. Once a level is complete, a full description and image of that feature is provided…but that’s not all. Through March 31, 2015, players can enter a competition to win an ECB commemorative gift—a new €10 banknote sealed inside a block of transparent acrylic. The competition is limited to EU citizens, but everyone (citizen or not) is welcome to play and learn about the new €20 banknote!


Tetris New €20

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