The Palace of Culture and Science in Poland recently turned 60, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that Warsaw went all out for the jubilee celebrations.

Over the span of four days, tens of thousands of locals and visitors alike filled the Plac Defilad to enjoy a mix of lasers, fireworks, music, dancing, food, and more. While no part of the event lineup was to be missed, our favorite part of the festivities was, of course, the giant game of Tetris® that illuminated the Palace windows during a two-day tournament.

Tetris on the Palace - Photo by Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska

Tetris® on the Palace of Culture & Science | Photo by Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska

The Tetris tournament finals and a “Light and Sound” laser show attracted more than twenty thousand spectators in a single night, and nearly one thousand attendees were able to put their Tetris skills to the test on the Palace façade.

Tetris on the Palace - Photo by Maciej Drywien

Players platform | Photo by Maciej Drywien

After seeing the enthusiasm of the crowd, mesmerized by the colorful lights on the Palace windows, we’re left thinking…let’s just play skyscraper Tetris in every city!

So…who’s next?

Tetris on the Palace - Photo by Maciej Drywien

Crowd watching Tetris® on the Palace | Photo by Maciej Drywien

Click here for more information about the 60th anniversary event, and check out more photos of the Tetris installation here.

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