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Tee up for Tetris 99 with Mario Golf: Super Rush!

Nothing beats the feeling of lining up the perfect shot and sinking a hole-in-one. But just like in Tetris 99, the true test of skill is when you can pull it off at exhilarating speed in new modes like Speed Golf.

Charge into battle when Miitopia joins Tetris 99

What's that? Tetriminos have begun falling from the sky? Huzzah! For a brave adventurer such as yourself, this is a great opportunity to test your mettle in battle. Mount your trusty steed and gallop to the frontlines to join Tetris 99 for a new Miitopia themed MAXIMUS CUP!

Lisle Licensing Takes the Tetris Brand Forward in 2021

Lisle Licensing, the UK merchandising agent for the famous puzzle game Tetris, has kicked off 2021 with new partners and product launches, demonstrating continued enthusiasm for the brand which is nearing 40 years of global consumer success and an ever-expanding fan base that focuses quite simply on 'we all fit together'.

Rest in Peace, Champ

We are very saddened to learn of the recent passing of Jonas Neubauer, 7-time CTWC champion. On behalf of everyone at Tetris, we extend our deepest condolences to Jonas Neubauer's family, friends, and followers.